In many ways we felt we had pushed the staycation boundaries by doing something a little more modern when it came to the expectation of the B&B stay. When we bought Highcliffe in July 2008 we wanted to be everything different from the experiences of our childhoods. There was once a time when you didn’t get your own key, instead you were politely thrown out by 10am and not allowed back till 4pm and locked out altogether if you didn’t return by 10pm. Bathrooms were shared and breakfast was scrambled eggs and a tea pot to share. By the time we became hoteliers expectations had changed. Everyone expected all rooms to be ensuite and breakfast was almost michelin. We immediately began to tear the house apart fitting brand new plumbing, ensuites, pocket sprung mattresses and stacking American style pancakes as high as we could at breakfast service with real local, artisan coffee roasters beans and all sorts of grandiose fruits. Then AirbNb began to change things in completely the opposite direction. Suddenly consumers became more interested in renting a room in someone’s house for 45 quid and sharing a family bathroom. Right back to the 80s with one fine website build and some good SEO. Then by 2019 AirBnb became extremely trendy with some amazing premium properties, at premium prices and at all corners of the globe. For many years we tried to persist and then came the reality that actually, if you can’t beat ’em join em. So we began to offer room only. Then we offered self check in and then we ditched all the card machines and deposit systems in favour of credit card pre authorisation through a card facility company and here we are with Highcliffe house offering rooms. Still lovely rooms with a feeling of love and care but now if you don’t want to chat, we will let you come and go as you please and all we ask is a nice smile and perhaps the odd hi at INDIdog if you come for dinner. Although let’s be clear – we absolutely love to spend time with you if that’s what you would actually like. Hearing your stories and learning something about you is still the nicest part of the job. So we hope you like the new accommodation experience at Highcliffe House. We promise to always keep moving with the times.