Highcliffe FAQs

Please find below some answers to frequently asked questions.  If  you require further assistance please either call us on 01326 31446 between 9.30am and 5.30pm or email us on info@highcliffefalmouth.com.  Alternatively you can send us a message using our contact form by clicking here

Check-in Questions

What time is check-in?

Self check in is between 2pm and 8pm. 

Can I check in earlier?

Once you’ve booked you’ll have access to our special messenging software. This allows you to chat to us. On the day of your arrival you can message to see if we have your room ready. If we can’t accommodate your request for an earlier check you are welcome to park and explore Falmouth. If you have arrived by train and it is NOT before 10am you may enter and put your bags in the lounge when you can return either at 2pm or at a time prior to that if we are able. 

Can I check in later?

If you are struggling  with your journey please don’t worry. Just try to be as quiet as you can when you are bringing in your bags etc. We would appreciate you letting us know you are late so that we don’t worry. You can do this via the messenger software which you’ll have access to once you make your booking. 

What time is check out?
Before 10am on the day of departure.
Can I check out later?

There is a late check out service available for a surcharge of £15.00 which allows you to check out at 12 o’clock. If you would like this service please tell us in advance. We can’t always guarantee it but we’ll always consider your request.

Breakfast Questions

What time is breakfast?

Highcliffe is room only. We offer breakfast at our restaurant INDIdog. CLICK HERE for information.

Can I have an early breakfast?

If you choose to book at INDIdog for a breakfast using your VIP card the earliest available table is 9am. This is the time when you can also get the largest discount on breakfast.

Can I have a late breakfast

Yes of course. INDIdog’s last breakfast sitting is 10.45pm 

Do you cater for special diets

Oh yes. Gluton free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian. In fact INDIdog has a very famous vegan breakfast which has a cult following with locals. We also have alot of GF options. Just tell the INDIdog team when they seat you and they’ll help you with the menu. You can also see our menu’s on the website and here you’ll find coding to show you special options. 

General Questions

Do you have hairdryers?

Yes. See our rooms page for a list of things in each room.

Can I bring a pet?
We love pets but sadly we found that not everyone feels the same. Regrettably we do not take pets. Registered guide/aid dogs are permitted in any room free of charge.
Do you have pets?

Yes we do. We have a Hungarian Vizla dog called INDI, a black cat called Tommy a horse called Jasper and 2 guinea pigs Pixel and Monty. You won’t come across them unless you ask because we never let them into the main house: although Tommy’s got nerve.

Do you accept children?

Children above the age of twelve are very welcome and are classed as an adult. Sadly we are unable to accommodate any child under the age of 12 including babies and toddlers. This is because we don’t have family rooms at Highcliffe. We do not accommodate more than two people per double room. Parents must be happy for children to occupy their own room. All rooms have their own keys. Rooms 2,3,4,5&6 are on the same floor which may be useful when planning. Rooms 7&8 are on their own floor.

Can we book a parking space?
To be fair to all guests we do not reserve parking. Don’t let this worry you. We have 8 rooms and 6 spaces with ample free parking all around the house. You won’t have to take more than a few steps with your suitcases. Certainly no park and rides here. If you have a disable badge of course we will reserve a place.
Access to free on site parking
Cornwall is quaint and historic and notorious for its lack of parking spaces and little winding roads and can concern even the most experienced driver. At Highcliffe we are very lucky. We have six on site car parking spaces for cars to come and go at leisure. There is also free 24 parking on the roads all around the house. There is no need to park more than a few hundred yards from the house any time of the year
Which is the larger bedroom in the house?

Room 7 the penthouse suite. Room 8 is next and also has the largest bathroom and the only bath and then Room 2. We always recommend Room 2, 7 and 8 for long stays.

How many rooms have a bath?
Room 8 is the only room with a bath.
Which rooms are twin rooms?

We do not have a twin bedded room.

Can we cancel and get our deposit back?
At time of booking you will have been made aware that deposits are non refundable and that there are no exceptions.
Do you have a pool?

We wish! If you would like to use a pool you can visit The Falmouth Hotel or St Michael’s Hotel both just a 10 minute walk away. Both allow non residents but do check times and prices in advance.

Location Questions

How far are you from Penryn Campus?

No distance at all – 4 miles which takes about 8 minutes by car. You can also get a train from Falmouth Town Station which is a 3 minute walk from Highcliffe or you can take a bus from Wood Lane which is a five minute walk. Donalds Taxi’s will take you there for around £15.00 (01326 313 123).

How far are you from Wood Lane?

Less than a mile away so about a five minute walk. Call us and we can send you a like to a local map.

How far are you from the town centre?

We are a five minute walk to the start of town or The Maritime Museum. It takes about 25 minutes to walk the entire length of the town. INDIdog where you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner or a long, cocktail on the harbour is a 15 minute walk.

How far are you from the beach?
We are an 8 minute walk to our local blue flag beach; Gylly Beach or a few seconds walk from the seafront.
How far are you from the Princess Pavilions?
1 minute.
How far are you from Pendennis Castle?
We are a 15 minute walk along the seafront or a 2 minute drive. If you are coming for a wedding we recommend a taxi if you’re wearing heels. Donalds Taxi’s 01326 313 123.
How far are you from The Falmouth Hotel or St Michael's Hotel?
Less than a 10 minute walk to each or a 2 minute taxi ride.

Room Questions

Pocket sprung mattresses
When it comes to support, a pocket sprung mattress is considered the very best. The principle behind a pocket sprung mattress is that the mattress springs are not jointed, and can therefore work independently of each other. This means that a very large and a very small person will both enjoy the same comfort personal to them whilst sleeping in the same bed. A pocket sprung mattress contains individual springs, each sewn into its own fabric pocket, held under tensions and hand tufted, locking in generous amounts of fillings.

With Highcliffe’s pocket sprung mattresses you can be sure it will contour to the shape of your body like a soft mattress, with the pocket mattress adapting to your individual shape to provide head-to-toe support like a firm mattress. Brilliant!

Feather bedding

At Highcliffe we dress each bed with natural duck and down feather duvets and pillows. Feather duvets are light, help the body breath, keep your warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are a medium tog with 85% duck feather, 15% down and a 100% cotton pocketed cover. 10tog in winter & 4.5 tog in summer

Our pillows are soft, light and full of air and mould around the shape of your body for perfect support and comfort. Just a quick pat refills the feathers with air and the pillows resume their plump shape.

We are also able to supply man made fibre bedding in the case of feather allergies. We will always ask you when you call to book your room and you are always welcome to email if you use the booking system to book.

Are you disability friendly?

Of course we are. What we have learnt over the years is that every disability is different so please call us on 01326 314466 to tell us what you need. We will always give you the absolute facts. We have lots of people with disbilities staying with us but sadly none of our rooms are suitable for wheelchair access. Our only ground floor room is too small for wheelchair amenities: it does not offer a 1m turning circle. But, do talk to us. Having learnt about disability needs through our experiences at Highcliffe, when refurbishing INDIdog we made it superbly wheelchair friendly.

Can I drink the water?

Absolutely. Highcliffe is mains water fed and UK water is drinkable from the tap. This means the taps in your bathrooms are drinking water. 

Do we get a key?

Yes. All the rooms are lockable and you have your own bedroom key and front door key fob for the digital entry system so you can come and go as you please.