Out & about in Spring
Over the next few months to give a real flavour of life in a Cornish town we’ve invited a few local business to tell us what they’ve been up to or are up to and what you can expect when coming to stay in Falmouth we hope you enjoy reading their accounts:

AK Wildlife cruises – The lovely and extremely knowledgeable Captain Keith has had an incredible couple of weeks with the first of what will be many Shark sightings, so far they are now on ten Basking shark sightings from a small 14 foot, to a huge 28 footer. 28 feet of fish next to your boat is quite impressive and a beautiful sight to see, Captain Keith says that it often brings people to tears when they sight something this majestic in our Cornish waters, more exciting sightings this week as Common Dolphins have been seen twice in the Bay.
Spring is an eventful time of year in the air too but always best to see the birds in action from the sea looking onto the coast. On the last two outings Puffins were spotted offshore with Manx Shearwaters and lots of feeding Gannets too, impressive watching these birds feed.
All seabird nesting sites are now active and busy. Peregrine Falcons pair bonding have been seen, these are the fastest birds in the world as they can dive at speeds of up to 200mph so a real treat to see them in the wild.

Spring is a fabulous and exciting time of year as all the seabirds arrive back on their cliff nest sights and the sea starts warming up, creating plankton blooms. This in turn brings huge Basking Sharks, pods of playful Dolphins and Minke Whales. For more info, please look at www.akwildlifecruises.co.uk