Falmouth castle to castle swimFal River Festival May 23 – Jun 01 2014
Now in it’s ninth year the 2014 Falmouth University Fal River Festival celebrates life in, on and around the River Fal. From live music, sports & activities, to Arts and crafts, there is so much going on you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you’re up for it you can take part in the Castle to Castle swim an event that grows in numbers each year.
Not to be missed is the fish festival that takes place in Falmouth’s Events square Sat 24th and Sunday 25th May. There’s nothing quite like getting involved in a live fish auction, one false itch of the head and you’ll end up with a crate of brown crab!
This years festival for the first time runs into a second week of activities with an opportunity for the Falmouth University students to showcase their spectacular works and achievements.
Did we mention that there is beer too! Plenty of good Cornish ale on offer throughout the even.
For a full list of events taking place go to www.falriverfestival.co.uk or follow the team on twitter @falriverfest facebook /falriverfestival.