I’m one of those people that finds it hard to go somewhere new on a rare night out. I’m in my 40s with a business that never sleeps and a young child that needs a babysitter. So when I’ve found somewhere really good to enjoy a grown up evening I tend to head there every time because I know I’m onto a sure thing. So the night I went to Dolly’s I was nervous because I hadn’t heard much about it and I rarely believe a place that says it does good cocktails. Nowadays they are almost always full of syrup unless you’re in London right? So, the night I went to Dolly’s…..I found the turqouise 20s styled A board on the street outside the Falmouth bookseller and took the stairs just to the right of the shop. There were candles at the top which gave the stairwell a soft golden glow. A nice welcome. As soon as we got to the top a gentle golden Labrador wearing a huge pearl necklace came over for a bit of fuss. I knew immediately that we had found a hidden gem. My friend and I chose a dark wood, old fashioned dining room table set up against a window seat overlooking the street. I chose ‘The Flappa’ cocktail and my friend chose ‘The Vicars Tea Party’. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was given a freezing cold black cat teapot with tail for a handle and a gold teacup and saucer. My friend’s cocktails was served in a merry go round teapot aaccompanied by a floral tea cup and saucer. We had bread and big fat olives on the side. The cocktails took a reassuring while to arrive. They were fresh and delicious. From that night all those years ago, when I took a risk and fell on my feet, Simon and I have recommended a visit to Dolly’s to every guest who’s asked us for a great place to go. Either tea and a slice of cake during the day or cocktails in a teapot and amazing tapas at night. Any time of day sample a gin or two from Dolly’s enormous gin selection – 52 was the last count I heard but I’m pretty sure that’s gone up since then.