What do I wear in bed? Why Chanel No.5 of course.” Marilyn Monroe.

After much research and experimenting we decided that the only way to go was pocket sprung. It would be crazy to think that all the decisions we make will please everyone that comes to stay with us but be sure that at least 99% of guests will appreciate their pocket sprung mattress.

Pocket Sprung mattresses are made up of a series of 6 inch pockets which offer edge to edge support and are in effect lots of tiny independent mattresses. This has several benefits but for us it was simple. When you open the door to welcome a couple who’s weight and height is like chalk and cheese you want them to sleep easily without rolling into the middle or pinging off the edge off the bed when the larger of the two roles over. Every six inches being its own mattress means your heels, your hips, your shoulders and your head all receive the correct amount of support alleviating the common problem of sore knees or a numb shoulder. There’s edge to edge support so unless they steal the duvet there’s little chance of you even realising your partner has moved let along catapulted you off the bed. If you are thinking of buying one for yourselves then there are plenty around to suit most budgets but they will almost always cost you more. I’d recommend the extra spend though as they are seriously comfortable and sleep is a serious thing.

Temperature control is a big deal too which is why all our beds are made from and made up with, natural fibres and our sheets are a crisp breathable Egyptian cotton. Our duvets are feather which is the traditional material used when invented by the French and is generally considered to be a superior bedding because of the crisp sound, thermal qualities and plump ‘jump into’ appearance. For those with allergies or for those who suffer from an increase in temperature at night then we also provide good quality, low tog, manmade hypoallergenic alternatives which have the look and feel of feather.

The bed featured in the images below is room 2 but all our bedrooms feature a pocket sprung mattress.

If you have any questions about our beds please don’t hesitate to call us because we want to you have the best night’s sleep possible. 01326 314466.