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5 step plan

in 5 point Action plan to a safe, healthy & happy stay at Highcliffe

Welcoming the return of you our wonderful guests is such an exciting thought. In the weeks and months to come we will continue to adjust and adapt how we operate. There will be new ways of how we do things. Health, safety and wellbeing now more than ever is our focus. We will take these to the next level proving that as always our priority is to be true to what we are and what we believe in, which is to ensure that your stay allows you the space and time to be relaxed and happy.

There is an important balance that needs to take place and one that we must make sure we all work towards. That is the balance of relaxing and being happy while understanding certain rules and procedure need to be in place to stay safe. All we ask is that each and everyone of you approach these rules and procedures with understanding, patience and acceptance. We are not putting them in place to annoy. We are putting them in place to keep you and ourselves safe, happy and healthy.

Here we have set out Highcliffe’s action plan for opening up Highcliffe’s doors again and welcoming you in.


  • Online/ mobile or by phone

When you come to book you all rooms are booked as ROOM ONLY which has been reflected in 2020 pricing. Breakfast is then offered as an additional: breakfast service to the room, or Breakfast at INDIdog Eatery on the Harbour. Breakfast per person per night in either destination is +£5.00. See Edibles page for details.

  • Cancelation of your booking Due to the effects of Covid-19:

We have adapted our Terms & Conditions if your booking is effected due to the effects of  Covid-19. Certification that you have been effected by Covid-19 will be asked of you

If you have to unfortunately cancel your booking due to the effects of Covid-19 you will be able to do so up to 72 hours before your date of arrival. You will be offered a full refund of your deposit or your deposit can be credited to another date.

All other types of cancelation our usual 21 day cancelation policy and terms & conditions will apply.

  • Before your arrival

We will contact each guest around 5 days before arrival by email. This email will supply you with all the information you will need to know before arriving at Highcliffe.

It will consist of:

A step by step guide on how to come and go from Highcliffe, how to use it’s facilities and enjoy your stay while maintaining the correct social distance and a health check questionnaire. This is to confirm that you are clear from Coronavirus symptoms. We ask that you fill this form out and return it to us by email before your visit.

Your very own – Rules of the House check list – This list is an assurance of how you will be able to use the house safely and with confidence that you will be complying with the correct Social Distancing, health & hygiene procedures as set out in the UK Government Covid-19 Guidelines.

Information on room cleaning. 

  • Check in / Check out

We will unfortunately not be able to offer early check in or late check out services. This is to ensure that each room is sanitised, cleaned and changed to the correct health & hygiene Covid-19 Government guidelines. Each room will be aired to it’s fullest potential between 10am & 4pm to avoid virus infection.

Check in will be 4pm – 8pm – unfortunately we will not be able to do face to face check ins. Instead you will be emailed the digital key code that will allow you access into Highcliffe through a keypad lock. Once in you will find your room key, sanitised and ready for you, along with directions to your room. This is to minimise contact between ourselves and you in order to ensure you stay virus free to enjoy your break and we stay virus free to keep things running.

Check Out: will need to be no later than 10am on the day of your departure, for cleaning reasons as stated above.

Paying your bill – your full amount will be taken once you arrive at Highcliffe and you have filled out your registration sheet and agreed that your bill is correct. This will be done by using the card to secure your booking. The card information will be retained in accordance with our usual T&Cs and detroyed upon your departure & after room check.

There will be a camera in the communal area. Footage will be stored for 12 months.

  • Contact with Simon & Vanessa

Meeting and greeting guests is the one thing that we have had the biggest discussion and heartache  over. It is so alien for us not to personally welcome you into our house. We have taken advice from our local council and collected as much information from hospitality industry experts regarding Covid-19 safety procedures to help our decision making process. The fact that this will now have to be done by email, or by you calling us on our mobile is a strange situation but one that has to happen in order for us to offer you the safest path to a Covid free stay. We’d rather you had peace of mind during your time with us than felt awkward trying to have social distanced conversation that in the confines of smaller spaces such as non ventilated hallways and lounges, porches and receptions will always carry an element of risk. It may be faceless but by no means is it souless. We will be there on the end of a phone, or sanitised reception bell should you need to speak to us especially for any emergency. Otherwise we hope we have kitted you out with all you need via our digital communication. Thank you for booking with Highcliffe.